Students go to one specials class each day for 40 minutes. Classrooms rotate through the specials classes, therefore, having every special each week.

  • PE – In physical education, students learn about healthy lifestyles through sports, games and dance. During each school year, students play games like basketball, volleyball, and soccer, as well as, participate in tumbling, rock climbing, rope climbing, and much more.
  • Art – In art, students develop both their creativity and artistic skills with a variety of visual art mediums including pottery, weaving, painting, sketching, and more.
  • Music – During music class, students engage in singing, learn how to play instruments like violins, learn a musical for their annual performance, learn to appreciate a variety of music genres and even write their own songs.
  • Technology and STEM – Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students go to Technology/STEM class every 4 days. During this time, they learn about safe use of technology, how to type, how to create slideshows and learn about coding with small robots.