Edison will once again have our Edison Read A Thon to help support literacy for our students over winter break. The Read A Thon will run from December 17th – January 3rd.

The Edison Read A Thon takes place over winter break for two reasons.

1.) Keep students reading during the 16 days off of winter break.
2.) Raise money to support literacy goals and the Edison Library.

We will partner again with a company called Read For My Schools (RFMS) to help with tracking minutes read and help support the fundraising part of the Read A Thon. RFMS is a web based platform as well as an app families can use at home to track minutes. All students in grades 1st – 5th will be signed up with an account during their library time. Students can then access their accounts using the RFMS link which will be located on the Edison website. Families then can track their reading over break using the website or app. The site also allows families to send information on the fundraiser to anyone who might donate money for their students and donate directly to the site.

Everyone’s goal is to read for 320 minutes over break which is about 20min a day. Students of course can read way more than that and move up the leaderboard. For the Read A Thon students will earn cool prizes for reading.

There are two ways to donate to the Read A Thon.

1.) Venmo: @EdisonElementaryPTA (Edison gets 100%)
2.) Use Read For My Schools and Stripe (Edison gets 90%)

Student Sign In:
All students that were present for the library over the last two weeks will have an account already created. Students created their accounts using their six digit student ID number and their eight digit birthday for their password. (this is the same that they use to log into their chromebooks everyday) The first time they might have to use their school email address to sign in which is Student ID Once they are in, it should be really easy.

Read For My Schools Sign In:

If you have any questions or issues please email Mr. Carter. (