Edison Announcements for Week of September 24

Hello all in the Land of the Eagles,

This is Sally Whitelock and Megan Bohanan with the September 24 weekly announcements  for the Edison Eagles…

Mark your calendars 

September 24:   Eagle Run during the school day!!

September 27: No school – Teacher planning day

September 27: Edison Discovery Link will be hosting a camp during the day from 7-5:30. You can register your students until September 26.

October 1 – Count Day  – PLEASE have your child at school today! – FUN ACCESSORY DAY!

October 1 – North Highschool homecoming parade – departing at 4:30 pm from 32nd & Lowell Blvd.

October 15 – Deadline to submit application for HGT testing

October 27 – Skate City Edison event

Eagle Run and Direct Ask fundraiser

Our annual Eagle Run is today, September 24. Students will gathered pledges and will run in the fun run to build community and raise money for Edison’s PTA today.  This year the Eagle Run is raising money to grant to the school for paras (assistants to 1-5th grade teachers) for next year.  Our goal is to raise $80,000! If each student donated $150 we would reach our goal, but every dollar counts no matter the size!   The teachers at Edison have asked for more help to give their students more support in the classroom, that is what the para’s at Edison do! Help us continue supporting our students and teachers at Edison for next year.  

To be eligible for prizes, please return the sponsor sheet and donations by October 11.

Online donation page. https://www.edisonptadenver.org/donate 

To contribute directly to our fundraising efforts, you can give through any of these convenient methods:
** Venmo ID: @EdisonElementaryPTA
** Online at the PTA or Edison websites: https://edisonptadenver.org or  https://edison.dpsk12.org
** Snail Mail or Drop Off:   Edison Elementary   Attn: PTA Fundraising   3350 Quitman Street   Denver, CO 80212

No School – September 27

Students do not have school on September 27. This is a professional development day for teachers. Have a nice weekend.

October 1

October 1 is the ‘Count Day’ for the Colorado Department of Education. All students attending school on this day are ‘counted’ in order to provide schools with financial resources from the state. Please have your children in attendance today.

October 1 is also our next Edison Spirit Day – Students are encouraged to wear their favorite accessories to school today to celebrate our school pride.

North Highschool homecoming parade is also on October 1. If you would like to participate, dress in your Edison t-shirt and meet at 4:30 pm from 32nd & Lowell Blvd at 4:15. Parade starts at 4:30.

Class Parents

Are you interested in supporting BOTH your child’s teacher AND the PTA? Please become a class parent. Class parents will help plan class events, communicate between the PTA and teacher, and organize parents in support of community events.

Sign up at: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/8050d4faca929a7fe3-class1 

Free and Reduced Lunch

If you need/benefit from free or reduced lunch, please complete the application as soon as possible. This ensures that Edison can provide these lunches to students, as well as gives Edison. additional financial resources. Thank you.



If you wish to volunteer for Edison this school year (with the PTA, attending a field trip, in the classroom), please make sure you complete the volunteer application at: 


When you come to Edison to volunteer, please bring a state ID and your vaccination card to show the office staff. Please make sure you wear a mask (over your nose) the entire time you are in our building. Thank you!

Testing for HGT/GT program

In DPS all kindergarten and 2nd grade students are tested for possible gifted programming. If you have a 1st or 3rd-5th grade student who you would like to be tested for HGT programming, please submit an application at: https://studentequity.dpsk12.org/gifted-talented/ The deadline to apply is Oct. 15 and testing will occur in Nov.

Join Edison’s PTA

Looking to help your child’s school…..join the PTA!  $10-$15 for the year!  You are able to vote on issues that the PTA is working on and be involved. Plus all meetings are virtual! QR code to join.  We may run a contest to see what grade has the most PTA signups….Pizza Party! 

Join a PTA committee!  There are so many little things the PTA does for the school….and frankly, the board is getting tired of doing it all.  So if you have some time, help us out!  Most of the “jobs” can be done at home, work, soccer practice, etc. on your phone, tablet, or computer! Help support your child’s school, I promise it will make you feel good! 

Are you in need of COVID testing? Please see these resources:
* School based health centers  303-602-8958
* https://my.primary.health/l/cdphe 

Please be aware that the quarantine guidelines have changed this year. We should have very few quarantines from school because:
* All staff and students are wearing masks while inside, except when eating.
* When students are eating, they are sitting 3 feet apart.
* We are disinfecting and hand washing/sanitizing frequently.
* Close contacts are defined as exposure to a person who tests positive for COVID for 15 minutes or longer, in a 24 hour period of time, inside and maskless.

Please email Sally_Whitelock@dpsk12.org or Megan_Bohanan@dpsk12.org with any questions or concerns.