School Culture


We support the use of PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) at Edison to encourage positive behavior and reinforce the importance of pro-social behaviors and discourage disruptive and negative behaviors.

Character Education

The Edison character education character traits are reflected in our motto is “Edison CARES.” CARES is an acronym for the following list of character traits:

Respectful and Responsible

Students discuss and learn about these character traits throughout their education at Edison.

Edison Earnings

Edison Earnings are given to students who exhibit Edison CARES character traits. Earnings can be distributed by all staff in the building.

On the first friday of every month, the entire school meets together for a community gathering facilitated by the principal. At these meetings, the principal discusses school expectations, celebrates student learning, and challenges students to demonstrate strong character. Students will then earn Edison Earnings for demonstrating the CARES trait of that month. Then, students can turn in their Edison Earnings at the next First Friday meeting for a small prize and enter a drawing for a larger prize. It is our hope that teachers, students and staff use Edison Earnings to work together to make Edison a great place to be every day.

First Friday

On the first Friday of each month the Principal and Assistant Principal, along with special guests, will lead a school-wide meeting in the gym at 1:45 for ECE-2nd grades and 2:45 for 3rd-5th grades. During this time, school expectations will be discussed. Additionally, students will learn about the CARES character traits and be challenged to demonstrate this behavior during the month. Also during these meetings, there will be end of Trimester awards and sharing of special events/learning. Each month, one student per grade will win a drawing from the Edison Earning buckets.

Eagle Eyes

“Eagle Eyes” helps us ensure that all students understand and follow school expectations and that classes are reinforced for following expectations. The first week of school, during morning meetings, students will discuss the expectations (Edison Expectation Charts) with teachers to add/delete expectations while team building. Then at the initial First Friday of the year, students will share their thoughts of the expectations, and students will approve the expectations to kick off Edison Eagles Soar for Success. Expectations will then be explicitly taught daily before students engage with that area of the school. We will also re-teach these locations after long breaks (Winter break, Spring Break).

Each teacher will receive ten “Eagle Eyes” each month to distribute to classrooms that they observe following character traits and expectations. When students are caught doing the right thing, teachers give the classroom an Eagle Eye. Classrooms will post the Eagle Eyes outside of their classroom (at top of the door). The Assistant Principal will count who earned the most Eagle Eyes as a team before every First Friday. The classrooms that earn the most Eagle Eyes at the end of the month, will be honored at First Friday with a reward (Edison CARES award).


The Olweus Bully Prevention Program is in place at Edison. With the support of this program, teachers and staff teach students how to handle bullying and conflicts.

Classroom Meetings

Teachers use morning meeting time to develop a caring community within each classroom and throughout the school. During this time, teachers teach and reinforce behavioral expectations, conflict resolution skills and anti-bullying skills. The first three weeks of classroom meetings will be school-wide topics: morning meeting expectations, CARES and bully-proofing. These lessons will be provided to teachers. After the first three weeks, grade levels will specify their needs and morning meetings will address those needs.

Student Mentors/Buddy Classrooms

Primary and intermediate classes will have buddy classrooms. Intermediate students will have the opportunity to mentor a primary aged child around school expectations, bully proofing and Edison Character traits. The buddy classrooms will meet 2 times a month for 30 mins during non-Core instruction time. Students can engage in book buddies for 15 mins and mentor character traits, expectations and/or bully proofing for 15 minutes.

Recess 2.0

Edison’s half-time Positive Behavior Supports coordinator, Cindie Tomcho, coordinates recess at Edison to ensure that the playground is safe and inclusive. At recess, students have the opportunity to play a variety of structured games and to socialize with peers. The PBIS coordinator teaches students fun and inclusive games and proactive problem solving. At recess, students learn the rules – Be safe, Be kind, Be respectful, and Have fun. Students learn to use Rock-Paper-Scissors to solve low-level disagreements. All of Edison’s recess monitors received training from Playworks to support our fun, safe, structured playground.