Little Red School House

What is That Little Red School House?

On Wednesday October 20, 2010, Edison Elementary became one big step greener! Some of you may have noticed the new addition to Edison’s landscape – the Little Red School House is in between our garden plots and the pumpkin patch walk. That mini-edifice is a repository for used clothes, towels, and shoes. Really, anything made of cloth or that was once worn is donate-able.

Did you know that if we lined up 10 of our kids, 65% of what they are wearing would end up in a landfill? Did you know that 100% of what those 10 kids are wearing can be re-used as clothing, or recycled into rags than can be used for cleaning? And that during the process of sorting and recycling, local jobs in Denver are created, and those items are kept out of landfill?

Please give generously to our Little Red School House. All clothes, shoes, and rags will be sorted for usability right here in Denver, providing local jobs. NOTHING goes to landfill. 65% of the clothing in the United States goes to landfills. That’s thousands of tons of clothing that could otherwise be used over and over again.

The folks who manage and own The Little Red School House will be visiting Edison to teach their message of recycle, reuse, and rethink. Please thank your Green Team members for making this additional educational opportunity a reality for our kids and our community!

For additional information, please visit Red Apple Recycling.