Growth Mindset – Web Resources

The February PTA event featured Edison teachers and staff presenting on two topics that are vital to our kids: bullying prevention and the Growth Mindset.

As Angela Lee Duckworth explains during this TED Talk, kids (and adults) with a Growth Mindset “don’t believe that failure is a permanent condition,” because “the ability to learn is not fixed.”

We heard some eye-opening and very useful information on both topics. And many parents asked for a list of resources, to explore the concepts further.

Below are some of the Growth Mindset resources covered during the presentation. (Books recommendations are listed in a separate post.)

Web Resources for Growth Mindset   – Story: Fall Down Seven Times, Get up Eight   – Video: Growth Mindset – Video: Meet the Robinson’s: You Failed — Article: How to Teach Grit — Classroom Activity- Productive Struggle – Growth Mindset Video Video: Growth Mindset- finding Nemo (Keep Swimming) – Growth Mindset Lesson- Power Point, printable – Video – Star Wars- Growth Mindset – Video- Growth Mindset Kahn Academy – Bulletin Board Ideas – Growth Mindset printable and activities and Read Alouds – Growth Mindset Videos Episode 1/5 Growth mindset lesson plan- videos and activities (opening lesson) Many Growth Mindset Videos


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