Edison update – 8/26/2020

Dear Edison community,

I hope this email finds everyone safe and healthy. Though this school year has started very differently than any before, it is my hope that all of Edison’s students have had a good beginning of the year, are enjoying seeing their friends and teachers, and are excited for a new year of learning. It is strange not seeing all the smiling, excited faces of our students each day and the school is very quiet, however, we have all enjoyed seeing students at class meetings and live lessons!

The 3rd day of the 2020 pandemic remote learning school year is in the books at Edison. We appreciate your patience as we establish routines and expectations with students and solve technology issues. Please know that teachers are working very hard to plan for strong, engaging lessons and tasks for students in a remote setting. Please help us support our teachers by doing the following:
** If your child is having problems signing in to Seesaw or with their Edison Chromebook, please reach out to Sally Whitelock at Sally_Whitelock@dpsk12.org, Benita Cervantes at Benita_Cervantes@dpsk12.org or Matt Carter at Matthew_Carter@dpsk12.org, instead of the classroom teacher.
** If your student is struggling with a learning task on Seesaw, ask them to try their best, submit the activity and then ask the teacher for support or ask questions the following day during the live lesson. You can also encourage your student to message the teacher on Seesaw and expect to get support the next day during the lesson.
** Please understand that students and teachers will take a week or two to ‘get their groove’. Students will need support at home as they figure out the schedule, Seesaw, and the teacher’s expectations. Teachers will need some patience and flexibility as they get technology kinks worked out and master teaching in this remote setting.
** Please respect teachers’ personal/family time by understanding that teachers will respond to phone calls and emails during the work day (8:00-4:00).

A few updates and important information:

Discovery Link: Discovery Link is providing day care to school age students from 8:00-12:00 daily. During this time, students are participating in remote learning, with their class, with the support of a Discovery Link teacher. Edison has several spots open for this daily day care. If you are interested in registering, please go to: https://discoverylink.dpsk12.org/school-year-2020-2021-registration-information/

ECE: DPS has announced the goal to return to in-person learning for Edison’s ECE students on September 14. If you are a parent of an ECE student, please watch for further communication regarding the daily schedule, health and safety precautions, and other information. We are excited to welcome ECE students into the school soon.
Thank you for your continued support.


Sally Whitelock, Principal

Benita Cervantes, Assistant Principal