Edison Eagle Run

The Eagle Run is Edison’s annual run-a-thon fundraiser; this year the event will be a virtual event held outside of remote learning hours between September 26th – 28th, 2020.

All Edison students are encouraged to participate, set-goals, cheer-on their classmates and run as many one (1) square block laps as they can during the run. Students are also encouraged to get as many pledges as they can to help us all reach our goals! This year our goal is to raise $15,000.

During the event please encourage your students to wear their Edison T-shirt as they run as many one (1) square block laps as they can in 25 minutes (ECE and Kinder will run for 15 minutes). Parents please tally their laps at the end of their run times!

We encourage students to reach out to family and family friends to ask for pledges. Pledges can be per lap or lump sum.

For more information and to donate, please click here!

What happens with the funds raised?

Colorado ranks near the bottom in national school funding (and that was pre-COVID19) and the PTA works hard to make up that gap. These funds are used to fund all the below activities (and more!).:

Provide learning resources – Classrooms subscriptions to online learning programs, magazine subscriptions and stocking classroom/school libraries and Paraprofessional support in the classrooms
Provide Speakers on engaging and relevant topics for parents
Community Events – Passions Week, Fall Harvest Festival, Family Dance, Field Day, Enrichment Day, Science Fair, School Spruce Up Days and Tutoring and Enrichment Scholarship Programs
Encourage your student to collect pledges, set a goal, run…and HAVE FUN! Every student will receive an Eagle Run TBD swag item this year to thank them for participating in the 5th Annual Eagle VRun!