Edison Eagle Run

What is the Eagle Run?

The Eagle Run is Edison’s first run-a-thon fundraiser to take place during school on September 23rd. This exciting fundraiser will focus on team-building, health, fitness and reaching personal goals. All Edison students are encouraged to participate, set-goals, cheer-on their classmates and run as many 1/8 mile laps as they can during the run. Students are also encouraged to get as many pledges as they can to help us all reach our goals! The Eagle Run will replace the ABC catalogue fundraiser this year and our goal is to raise $10,000 through per lap pledges and lump sum donations.

How do we participate?

Your student’s pledge sheet is included in this packet. ECE and Kinder students’ pledge sheets ask for lump sum donations only. Pledge sheets for grades 1-5 have both a per lap and lump sum option. Students are encouraged to collect pledges from family, neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc. over the next three weeks.

On September 23rd, all participating students will wear their Edison T-shirt, bring a water bottle and join their classmates to run as many 1/8 mile laps as they can in 30 minutes (ECE and Kinder will run for 20). Their laps will be tallied after the run and the rest of their day will resume as usual.

Students will be sent home with their lap number and can then put it on their pledge sheets and collect pledges in cash, check or online until October 7th when all pledge sheets are due back to school.

Help Edison raise money to benefit classroom needs, Enrichment Day Edison Earnings and more! Encourage your student to collect pledges, set a goal, run…and HAVE FUN!

There will be prizes for our top three fundraisers!

Click below to make a pledge: