CU Partnership

Edison Elementary has joined into a partnership with the University of Colorado Denver and has opened its doors to teacher interns! These individuals, whom you may have seen around the halls of Edison, are graduate and undergraduate students who are working toward an Elementary Education Teaching License that can progress into a Master’s degree. The UCD Initial Teacher Education Program (IPTE) program and Edison partnership allows for teacher preparation, professional development, research and inquiry, and exemplary education for our Edison students.

Each UCD partner school has two leadership roles. One is a respected teacher on staff who has experience in the district and building. This teacher has the title of site coordinator. Our site coordinator is Ms. Joan Wieser. The second leader on the site team is the site professor. At Edison, the site professor, Ms. Lori Elliot, is a full time UCD faculty member who has expertise in coaching and preparing interns to become teachers.

Teachers at the partner school can participate in the partnership by learning to mentor, coach, and co-teach with interns in their classrooms. Each intern has the opportunity to co-teach with their mentor or Clinical Teacher for four 10 week internships, starting at two days a week and gradually increasing to full-time during their “Lead Teaching” weeks which occurs during the fourth internship. Interns are encouraged to participate as a teacher immediately, by observing the classroom, discussing instruction and assessment with the Clinical Teacher, working with individual students and small groups, and then co-planning and co-teaching with Clinical Teachers. The UCD/Edison Partnership is very exciting and serves multiple purposes. Simultaneous renewal is a goal of the Partnership; Clinical Teachers share knowledge and experience with Interns, Interns bring new knowledge into the classroom setting, and Edison students benefit greatly from both adults facilitating learning and understanding in the classroom!

A great cheer of appreciation goes out to Edison teachers who share their expertise with and learn from UCD Interns.