Edison Weekly Announcements for May 24

Hello all in the Land of the Eagles,

This is Sally Whitelock and Benita Cervantes with announcements for the week of May 24  for the Edison Eagles…

Order your School Supplies for next year now!

Get your school supplies now! Right now 2nd Grade is winning the race (21 packs ordered) with kindergarten and 3rd Grade picking up the pace (17 packs ordered)! There is a big DISCOUNT when ordering in bulk through the school, plus the school gets a donation!!  WIN WIN!!  We have compared the prices from the school and from Target…and there is big savings going through the school! 


Edison Code:EDI023

ECE, Kindergarten and 5th Grade Continuations

It is important and fun to celebrate milestones in our lives! Therefore, Edison staff is planning on celebrating the continuation of our ECE, kindergarten and 5th grade students in late May.  We are planning on having our continuation ceremonies outside in Edison’s amphitheater area with social distancing measures in place. Each student will be able to invite a maximum of 2 adults and their siblings – they will each get 2 tickets to be used for entrance of adults to the ceremony – with the following COVID precautions:
* We will set up chairs for adults in a socially distanced manner. We ask that all family members (adults and siblings) sit together. Due to limited seating, children will likely be asked to sit on the ground near adults. You are welcome to bring blankets for children to sit on.
* All family members must wear masks, over their mouth and nose, the entire time they are on school grounds.
* Community members will not be allowed to enter the building, even to use the restroom.
* Please do NOT congregate.

Please plan on the following dates:
* ECE continuation is scheduled for May 26 at 9:30 AM (rain date May 27);
* Kindergarten continuation is scheduled for May 26 at 2:00 PM (rain date May 27);
* 5th grade continuation is scheduled for May 26 at 6:00 PM (rain date May 27).

Teacher Tributes:

Edison community, it is with heavy hearts that some of our teachers are moving and will not be returning to Edison next year.  These teachers have been amazing for our students through all the tribulations this year.  If you would like to share with these teachers how they have impacted or helped you and your child this year, click on the links below to send them a quick online video.  The teachers would love to hear from their students also.  

Mrs. Streback: https://www.tribute.co/mrs-swift/

Mrs. Darrell (Pitman): https://www.tribute.co/mrs-darrell-pitman/

Ms. Case: https://www.tribute.co/kaylee-case/

Mrs. Swift: https://www.tribute.co/mrs-swiftedison/

Mr. McConnell: https://www.tribute.co/mr-mcconnell2/

Summer Reading!!!

Feed your brain all summer long with our DPS Sora eBook and audiobook collection of more than 30,000 titles, available for free to all DPS students and staff! Check out the amazing online collection at: https://www.smore.com/7bams 

From Edison PTA

Pen Pals! We are looking to start a pen pals program next year for our students.  If you know of anyone in other parts of the county or world that might be up for pen paling with our students, email Tara Littell. ptaedisondenver@gmail.com 

PTA Website, JOIN THE PTA and NEXT YEARS COMMITTEES!  We have heard from a bunch of you that you would like to join the PTA, which is amazing, and that you want to help with events at the school next year. We have updated our website to allow you to join the PTA and event committees that we believe we will need help with next year.  It is through a new website, yes sorry one more website, memberhub.  We are trying this website to see if it helps coordinate everything in one place…plus we are looking at it to see if we can use it for an opt-in school directory (another thing we have heard the community would like to see).   We are also working on some summer community events….movies under the stars on the Edison lawn…still working with DPS on this. 


2021-22 Discovery Link Information

Discovery Link Registration for the 2021-22 school year opened April 12. At this time, you will only select the site where your child(ren) will attend next year.
* Once approved, you will be given access to the calendar, and you will select days for August starting on July 1st.
* Families who were enrolled in the school year 2020-2021 do need to register for the school year 2021-2022, even if your site is unchanged. This will give you access to the new school year’s calendars.
* For additional information regarding Discovery Link, please go to: https://equity.dpsk12.org/extended-learning/discovery-link/

Registration links:
* Families new to Discovery Link, https://equity.dpsk12.org/extended-learning/discovery-link/school-year-program/#new
* If you’ve already enrolled in Discovery Link, https://equity.dpsk12.org/extended-learning/discovery-link/school-year-program/#current
* For further information about the registration process, https://equity.dpsk12.org/extended-learning/discovery-link/school-year-program/ 

Also, Summer Camp 2021 registration is now open.
* https://equity.dpsk12.org/extended-learning/discovery-link/summer-camp/

2021-22 Online registration

Save time during fall registration by updating your student’s information online! By completing this process using your Parent Portal account, you can avoid paper forms and save time at the school during the fall return. There are two windows during which current students can register online for 2021-22:
* The “Early Bird” window, April 26-May 21
* Current year, July 26-August 14

To register online, primary legal guardians of current DPS students must have an active DPS Parent Portal account. Visit myportal.dpsk12.org to sign up, or to check that your account is active and ready. Once you are in the parent portal:
– Click More tab
– Click See All Apps (under Misc Pages Column)
– Click Online Registration (bottom box in left hand column)
– Then you’ve arrived at Infinite Campus application, where you have to select More
 – Then you select Online registration (this will then automatically prompt you to begin the online registration process)

For more information on how to complete online registration, contact the front office or visit schoolchoice.dpsk12.org.

Free COVID testing for DPS students

DPS is expanding their partnership with COVID Check Colorado to offer free COVID-19 testing to students to support a safe return to school. Students will now be able to take an initial COVID-19 test before coming back to school as well as ongoing screening tests every other week. To register, please go to: https://www.primarybio.com/members/sign_up?redirect=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.primarybio.com%2Fm%2Fr%2Fdenverps&test_group=denverps 

Testing sites: https://covidcheckcolorado.org/where-to-test/ 

We hope you all have a safe, enjoyable summer! See you in August!

Please email Sally_Whitelock@dpsk12.org or Benita_Cervantes@dpsk12.org with any questions or concerns.